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Watch lessons from anywhere, at any time

Books, tapes, CDs and DVDs have all had their day as teh premier medium for transferring musical knowledge. While they work great for a while, their content never changes, and you can only watch them when you have the appropriate playing device with you. Our streaming video courses, are accessible via web browser on a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, or smart phone, and have been filmed to offer the next best thing to in-person one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Dynamic content

Student feedback is a key element to creating a useful school. Based on this feedback, we will enhance existing lessons and add new content that you’ll be able to see the very next time you view! Many CD and DVD-based courses are limited to certain songs or licks, others are aimed at a specific skill level, with the student having to decide in advance if they were ready to learn the material. This meant sometimes buying lessons that were too difficult or too easy for your skill level. And while it’s always entertaining and informative to see a Master describing their unique style, some of the greatest players are not necessarily the greatest teachers.

A Method approach

By working only with truly legendary players, and taking a complete Method approach, we start by sharing the Master’s view of the basic, foundational techniques of their particular instrument. These are the skills that must be learned early on and worked on daily. Everything that follows – from composing to improvising, jamming and gigging – stems from having the knowledge learned from the basics.

Thank you for visiting our school. We’re excited to be able to help you on your path to Mastery!