The Paul Franklin Method is a complete course in pedal steel guitar instruction, for both E9 and C6 tunings. We are loading up C6 content now. Here is sample of what you will see in the Course.

In this highlight video, Paul touches on some of the topics he will cover as he de-mystifies the C6, including traditional and modern styles, lush chord voicings, single-note phrasing and working with Blues and 2-5-1 progressions.

Whether you are already gigging in a Western Swing band or using the C6 neck as an arm rest, these lessons will get you started, keep you going and lead you towards mastery of that tuning.


With over 100 videos to get started with, The Paul Franklin Method offers in-depth lessons on playing techniques, building your chord and scale vocabulary, Paul’s favorite recorded intros, solos and licks, bar hand and pick hand exercises and much more . . . all streamed to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Paul will be adding new videos regularly to teach exactly what you want to learn: song arrangements, improvisation tips, practical music theory, speed picking, pick blocking, and on and on. If you want to see more on a lesson topic or have a specific question, you can reach out to us and Paul will address the most-asked topics in a future video.

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