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Modern Music Masters is proud to host The Paul Franklin Method, a complete online streaming video course — taught by Paul himself!

The Paul Franklin Method has well over 100 videos aimed at players at all levels. With new videos being added regularly, the course will grow and expand to reflect student requests. Downloadable PDFs, practice backing tracks and TABs make the Course a comprehensive study in all aspects of playing.

Also, by popular demand, Paul has put together a course containing a selected set of videos from the Method course designed to help beginners get started, and for players to revisit vital fundamentals. It’s called Foundations: E9 Basics With Paul Franklin. You can learn about it at our Learning Center.

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About Modern Music Masters

The way music is taught has changed greatly over the years. From learning by ear, to sight-reading notation, to jam sessions, in-person by music store teachers, books, CDs, DVDs, snippets on YouTube — you could get the information in a variety of ways and delivered with a wide range of quantity and quality.

Recent advances in video delivered over the internet, and browser-based Learning Management Systems, have changed all of that. At Modern Music Masters, our goal is to bring you 24/7 access to complete instructional courses taught by the top players on their instruments — always fresh and up-to-date because delivered via streaming video in the web browser on your preferred device.

Courses cover all of the basics and will take you as far as you wish to go on the path of  beginner-to-master.